Crochet King Sheet into Small Rug

Start with a king size flat sheet and a large crochet hook.

I chose a couple of old flower prints that remind me of when I would stay at my Grandma’s house in the summer as a kid.IMAG4210

Cut the king size flat sheet into a continuous strip and roll it into a ball.

I recommend cutting it into a 2inch strip, so it folds itself in half as you roll it. I didn’t cut the corners round, so I ended up with “tags” throughout my strip.


Crochet in a continuous round for a smooth look.

I increased each round and ended with a handle for easy portability. Just pick it up and take it any where! Make two rugs, grab a basket of lunchtime goodies, and have a couple of comfortable seats for you and your hunny at the park.


Double crochet using a “S” hook.

The “tags” are not noticeable and if anything give the rug a fuller look.